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With our wonderful, experienced, dedicated, and nurturing staff, it’s easy to see why AristoCat Children’s Academy is a great place for your child to learn, grow, and thrive!




Thank you for your interest in AristoCat Children’s Academy! My name is JaCie Butters, and I founded AristoCat Children’s Academy in 2010. It has since been my mission to operate a high-quality academy, which provides safe, clean, nurturing and developmentally appropriate environments for children.

As a mother of two, I know how important it is to know that your child is surrounded by loving and caring individuals in a secure environment. Our AristoCat team is here for you. WELCOME!



Regional Manager/ Heber Director

Working with children has been a huge part of my life for many years. I have worked in centers as a teacher of all ages. I have been a director for 10+ of those years. Watching children get excited to learn new things and accomplish the "small things" is such a joy. I like how honest children are and how no two days are ever the same when working with children. I am a single mom of 3 - 2 boys, 1 girl.



Early Education Specialist / Food Service Manager

The reasons I love teaching are because I get to watch my students learn and grow. I love to help people, and that is exactly what I am doing, helping the next generation. I get to help them learn new skills and that is very rewarding. I have always enjoyed being around children.

In my spare time, you may find me hiking, doing a variety of crafts or cooking.



Early Education Specialist

I absolutely love holidays, and sharing my love for holidays with my friends and kiddos at Aristocats academy brings a smile to my heart.

Over twenty years ago, my passion for teaching kids motivated me to become a school teacher. I paused my career to raise my 5 children but have since I returned to the classrooms at AristoCats academy. As I’ve become a grandma, I’ve found I can’t get enough baby snuggles and giggles.

In my down time I love to read, decorate, shop and have genuine chats and connections with people.



Early Education Specialist

I love seeing children learn new things every day and knowing I can be part of it. That makes me happy! I may not have a lot of experience but I do enjoy making a difference in the lives of children. I hope to one day own my very own child care center.

I grew up with a fairly decent sized family. In addition to my parents, I have 3 sisters and one brother.

In my spare time, I enjoy watching movies and babysitting children.



Early Education Specialist

I love the hugs I get from my young friends as I greet them at the door in the morning!

I believe things don’t need to be complicated to be incredibly sweet. My favorite ice cream is vanilla because I can enjoy it the way it is, or I can add to it. That’s how I prefer life; simple, with the ability to enhance it.

I like writing music lyrics, tinkering around on the piano and violin, and duking it out with my family during our family game nights. I find solace writing novels, going on leisurely strolls, and enjoying Sunday afternoon drives with my family.



Early Education Specialist

I’m always up for an adventure, and at AristoCats we’re always having adventures as we experience new aspects of life together. I especially love doing art and creative activities with the children.

At home I love to draw. When I’m not being creative, I can be found seeking adventures with my husband, making people smile, or doting on our young son who spoils us with giggles and smiles almost as much as we spoil him with love.



Early Education Specialist

I love seeing children learn new things every day and knowing I can be part of it. That makes me happy! I may not have a lot of experience but I do enjoy making a difference in the lives of children. I hope to one day own my very own child care center.

I grew up with a fairly decent sized family. In addition to my parents, I have 3 sisters and one brother.

In my spare time, I enjoy watching movies and babysitting children.



Early Education Specialist

Baby giggles and cheesy grins always bring a smile to my heart and face. I love the simple happiness children feel and share.

I have two beautiful daughters who also bring a smile to my heart.  My family would not be complete without my cats, dogs, fish, and bearded dragon. I love animals!

In my spare time you can find me listening to music, camping, fishing, hunting, or simply relaxing in the crisp mountain air.



Early Education Specialist

I believe each child is unique and responds differently to teaching & guidance. I delight in discovering the love-language and methods that encourage each child to thrive & blossom.

My husband and I have 3 energetic boys who bring zest to life. Together we love to camp, hike, cook, & play games.

In my earlier life (when “free time” was still a legitament thing)  I could be found playing the piano and a variety of instruments. Now, I enjoy curling up with a good book or nurturing garden plants.



Early Education Specialist

I love the sound of children laughing! The light in their eyes when they learn something new and watching their personalities  grow is precious.

I’m most content when surrounded by my loved ones. I have 4 amazing daughters, 1 step-son, a beautiful granddaughter, a horse, and a handful of dogs, cats, and chickens.

Simplicity anchors my life. I find pleasure in cooking, decorating, and taking long walks.



Early Education Specialist

While interning in a 1st grade classroom, I had my first taste of organized childcare, and it fascinated me! I loved helping the kids and watching them grow.

It is my dream to one day own my own preschool, so working with the kids & staff at Aristocats has been perfect for me.

Other things I love include riding ATVs & dirt bikes, hunting, fishing, and camping. Basically, anything I can do with my family and friends while enjoying the great outdoors.



Early Education Specialist

As one of the oldest of 8 children, babysitting was second nature. At the age of 12  I was hired for my first 20 hour a week nannying job, and have been blessed with similar opportunities ever since.

Speaking of blessings, I have 7 incredible children, and a husband who still makes my stomach flutter after nearly 20 years of marriage.

I love to sing, play the piano,  design homes, write novels, play racquetball, soak up sunrays, play in the dirt, and try all sorts of new things.



Early Education Specialist

Growing up, I would run home from school, lay out my dolls and teach them school. The unquenchable desire to teach and share the wonder of knowledge has always burned brightly within me, and I love watching the awe of my class as we experience the world together.

When I’m not in the classroom as either a student or a teacher, I enjoy spending time with my husband, exploring the great outdoors, cooking, and singing.



Early Education Specialist

 I am unique, and I love it! Dr Suess once said, “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” Each child I work with is unique, and I strive to help them find the courage to be true to themselves.

I love traveling, camping, cooking, and watching Halloween movies. I have an awesome husband, darling little boy, and energetic dog.

I love working with children, but the child inside me hopes to one day own a soap & candle shoppe.



Early Education Specialist

My dream is to raise my babies to be successful, and to live life to the fullest. This dream extends to all children under my care.

I have 2 lively boys, 3 dogs, and an amazing husband. We love spending time together, especially outdoors. We have had the privilege of living in Germany, and on the eastern coast of the USA.

I’m pretty great at making others smile and laugh. I have a heart of gold, and find joy in helping anyone in need.



Early Education Specialist

As the oldest of six kids, I know crazy! And let me tell you, when life is full, and the people who make up the crazy are yours, it's a wonderful, beautiful kind of crazy.

I enjoy being kept on my toes, and helping others, so the classrooms at AristoCats are easily my jive.

When I'm not entertaining little ones, I find my rhythm on the jogging trails, embarking on trips, and caring for my precious dog.



Early Education Specialist

Cooking & baking, Arts & Crafts, anything that uses creative juices - you name it, and I'll likely enjoy it. So naturally, I enjoy helping the kids at AristoCats enjoy these great activities too.

On lazy summer days you can find me bumping a volleyball around, making memories with my family, indulging in another read of Yellow Fever, or dreaming about the day when I become a neurosurgeon.



Early Education Specialist

Watching kids grow and seeing them become smarter brings a smile to my face. Anywhere I can be around people is my happy place.

I love the book Wonder, and the movie The 6th Sense. When I'm not relaxing with good books or movies, I like hiking, boating, and dancing. Whatever adventures I embark on in life, I take satisfaction in making sure I succeed and enjoy the journey.



Early Education Specialist

One of the reasons I love teaching so much is because everyday spent with a child is unique. During the school year you'll find me at WCSD, but during the sunny months I teach STEM and science at AristoCats.

I grew up on the East Coast and enjoy traveling back to the New York area to visit family. Adventuring, reading, and spending time outdoors makes me happy, but not quite as happy as spending time with my 3 young children. They are my sunshines!

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