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Thank you for your interest in AristoCat Children’s Academy! My name is JaCie Butters, and I founded AristoCat Children’s Academy in 2010. It has since been my goal to own and operate a high quality academy, which provides safe, clean, nurturing and developmentally appropriate environments for children.

As a mother of two I know how important it is for parents to know that their child is surrounded by loving and caring individuals in a secure environment.

As a young adult, I had a career in nursing and I was presented with the opportunity to be part of a humanitarian group. I volunteered to go to Ghana, Africa to aid orphans to promote an environment of education, healthcare and agricultural practices. I worked with hundreds of children at several different schools and hospitals. This is the first time I realized I wanted to make a different in the lives of children.

I married my wonderful husband in 2006, and we were blessed with a baby girl in 2008. When Brylei was first born, I was fortunate enough to be able to stay home with her for a while before I had to return to work. Upon returning to work, I had to find a very special place to have my daughter attend for childcare. I searched high and low. There were not many places that I felt my daughter would be cared for the way in which she deserves.

As time ran out, I made my decision and I placed her with a provider that I thought would be the best for my baby girl. After three days of having her enrolled, I discovered something horrible. My child was being mistreated and neglected. I was devastated. I instantly pulled my daughter from the provider’s care and decided that this was an opportunity knocking on my door.

The answer was staring me right in the face. This was when I decided that I was going to be the difference in childrens’ lives, and start AristoCat Children’s Academy.

In 2012 our family was blessed again with a sweet little boy whom we named Breyden.

I began my career in child development in 2010. After receiving my National Administrators Credential I began working on my degree in child development, which I received in 2013. I am very proud of these accomplishments and I am confident that you will be pleased with our commitment to quality and to providing the best possible care for your child.



Kamas Director

I really enjoy knowing that I am helping the children that I work with become independent, responsible people. I also love to foster the desire for a child to become a life long learner. I can’t wait to be part of and share their story.
I have been a key asset to AristoCat Children’s Academy since the beginning. I pride myself in my own continued education involving young children. I have a current CDL (bus driver) and CDA (Certified Development Associate) recognized by UVU. In addition, I have countless hours of reading study/observation, community classes and consistently travel abroad for educational conferences. I am excited to be part of the first chapters to the most amazing novels that will ever be written… your children!



Heber Director

I love the excitement of seeing the students learn something new! Sometimes it’s the best part of the day, knowing that you are a part a students excitement of a new skill or lesson. I love when we’re out on field trips and I see students learning and using life skills that they will use for their entire lives. I love that it’s like having one big family. My students, their family and my coworkers are all my family. Growing up, I didn’t have a big family, so I’m glad that I have one now! I also love the excitement that I see every morning when the students come to school and the excitement at the end of the day when they want to tell mom and dad what they learned! We are in this for the children and they are what matters. I received my Child Development Associates Degree in 2018 and have been at AristoCat Children’s Academy since 2014.

I love to go camping! The fresh mountain air is just good for your soul. I love to spend time with my husband and kids, whether we do a family date night or just long mountain drives. In the spring and summer we ride bikes to the bowling alley and get ice cream or just go around town. In the summer we snuggle and watch movies and eat popcorn! I also love food, especially pasta! I’m pretty sore it’s essential to surviving but yummy food is always a deal breaker! I spend way to much time in Netflix especially when I should be sleeping! If I could pass wisdom onto my students I would tell them to just help and care. The world would be such a better place if everyone just cared and helped a little more. To not judge and to accept everyone’s differences and to always listen and try to understand!

“Be the change you want to see in the world”



Regional Office Manager

I love teaching because it’s my teachers that helped shape my life and helped me get to where I am today. I would not have finished school and gotten into college without my teachers. I want to be that for someone. I started teaching in 2009. In 2011, I received my Bachelor Degree in Elementary Education. I worked as an AmeriCorps Volunteer for four years helping students learn how to read. I have been with AristoCat Children’s Academy since 2014.

There are many interesting things about me. One of my hidden talents is that I LOVE to sing! I like to go up into the mountains with my family to go camping and go on Razor rides. If I could pass on any wisdom to my students, I would tell them to enjoy the magic going around you. All too soon you will be a big kid, or a grown up. Keep that magic with you!

“Carpe Diem”



Cares Representative

It is invaluable to know that someone is trusting you to take care of their pride and joy, their children. Knowing that we are providing a fun, safe and well-rounded place for children to go is also very rewarding. I love offering a better understanding of the expectations that Aristocat Childrens Academy is asking for to every employee. I look forward to working with my colleagues to encourage greatness.  When we have greatness in the workplace, it is clearly seen and felt by our clients.

Since a young age, I have been the “Mother Teresa” of rules and procedures. I thoroughly enjoy learning and understanding not only the correct ways to do things but why they are done that way too.  Understanding, evaluating and executing the needs and expectations of the company is what I strive to do. I enjoy spending time with my family. My husband and I welcomed twin girls to our family, making us parents, in September 2016. We are overwhelmed with happiness and joy and just can’t seem to get enough of them. We love the outdoors and just about anything with a motor.




I absolutely love the look on the students face when they have accomplished something. I love being able to help them achieve their goals. Waking up in the morning knowing that I have made a difference in someone’s life means the world to me. I have been teaching for four years at AristoCat Children’s Academy. I have completed multiple training courses to help teach these beautiful minds.

One of my hidden talents is that I can dance! I danced a lot in school until I unexpectedly injured my knee which caused me to stop dancing. I still love to dance and hope that one day I can get back into it. I love going out with my family to go camping and fishing! I love going out on dates with just my husband and myself. If I could pass on any wisdom to my students, I would tell them that you can achieve anything as long as you put your mind to it.

“Live like you are dying.”




I love seeing excitement on children’s faces not only when they learn new things, but when they teach me new things, like slowing down and enjoying the little things. I started teaching when I was 16 at in home daycare and continued working there for 4 years until I had my first child. From my first child to my third child, I worked at a different in home daycare and watched other children at my home until I joined AristoCat Children's Academy in 2016.

As a mom, I love to go camping, hunting and fishing with my family! One of my hidden talents that I share with my family is cooking. If I could pass on any wisdom to my students, I would tell them to be tolerant and kind to everybody, you never know what somebody is going through.

“Not all those who wander are lost.”



Teacher / Chef

Reasons I Love Teaching:
I love watching kids grow and learn and, even more, I love the smile they get when they accomplish new things. I love watching the students play and make new friends. I love just being with the kids all day.

Teaching Experience:
I have been working at ACA for one year and take various training courses annually.

Things I Like to Do:
Reading, camping and spending time with my family

Favorite Movie:
The Little Mermaid and Sweet Home Alabama




I love watching kids grow and learn. It is such a rewarding job to be apart of all of their lives. I love this job because it is an active job where you are constantly moving and problem solving. Working with children is hard work but it is also very fun, they are sure to put a smile on my face everyday. I have been working in childcare since 2011. It started out as a summer job between high school and college, but then I never stopped. My plan for my future is to go back to school and become a history teacher. I have been with AristoCat Children’s Academy Since

I enjoy doing anything outdoors and with my dogs. In the summer we hike, bike, camp, paddle board, and play fetch for hours. In the winter I love to ski, run, snowshoe (especially at night), and cross country ski. I also love to get lost in a good book by the fire, draw, and writing my own adventures! If I could pass on any wisdom to my
students I would tell them to treat others the way they want to be treated. Everyone is equal and deserves: Love, Respect, and Kindness.

“I want to make tomorrow better then today, everyday.”




I love when students come back to me and say “I learned so much from you!” or “You were my favorite teacher!” I love it when they have that aha moment when something finally clicks, and I got to be that positive impact. I have a degree in Elementary Education. I’ve taught 2nd & 7th grade, and substitute taught all grades. I even had my own in home daycare for a while. I’ve been at AristoCat Children’s Academy since .

One of my hidden talents is that I can remember people’s birthdays! I enjoy cooking baked goods, eating seven course meals, making and creating crafts, and shopping. If I could pass on any wisdom to my students, I would say: You are capable more than what you ever thought possible.

“Be careful with your words, once they are said, they can only be forgiven not forgotten.”




Reasons I Love Teaching:
It’s fun! I learn new things everyday and love to watch the children discover new things. I love seeing my students learn and grow.

Teaching Experience:
I have been teaching at ACA for 1.5 years and am currently taking classes in child development at UVU.

Things I Like to Do:
Spending time with my two boys, hiking with my dogs, riding horses and traveling

Favorite Movie:

Something Special About Me:
I love teaching your children and I love being a mom.




I love kids! I’m patient and enjoy teaching! I love learning the kids fun and unique personalities. I have always been the nurturing type, even at an early age. I hope to one day go through medical school and become a surgeons assistant. I’ve been with AristoCat Childrnen’s Academy since March 2018.

I enjoy cheer, tennis, reading and riding horses.


“If you ever feel like giving up, just remember there is a little girl watching you who wants to be just like you… don’t disappoint her.” – Heather Stillufsen




Reasons I Love Teaching:
I love building relationships with the children and watching them grow. I feel that teaching children is incredibly rewarding.

Teaching Experience:
I have worked for ACA for 2.5 years in both Centers, Kamas and Heber.

Things I Like to Do:
Camping, fishing, hunting, spending time with my family and listening to music

Favorite Movie:
American Sniper

Something Special About Me:
I am a very loving, caring and patient person. I try my very best at everything I do.




I love teaching because I like to make a difference in their lives. I love to see the wonder in their eyes and wheels turning as they are figuring things out! I love seeing the pride when students accomplish a difficult task! My teaching experience includes being a mom of four boys between the ages of 5 months and 9 years old. Their vast personalities and different learning styles has taught me a lot! I have been with AristoCat Children’s Academy since 2019.

I like to spend time with my family, read, crochet, and catch up on my favorite shows. As a mom of twin boys, I have mastered the quick diaper change on a moving toddler as well as growing eyes in the back of my head. If I could pass on any wisdom to my students, I would tell them that you have never really lived until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.

“Everything happens for a reason; there is always a lesson to be learned.”




I love being able to see and feel the excitement that the children feel when they learn something new and again when they master that skill. It is amazing to be able to watch them grow and gain more independence knowing that you were a part of that!! I also love being able to bring a new perspective or way of doing things to the table that can help the kiddos struggling to learn a certain subject the way it is being taught. Most importantly, I love being taught by the kids! Life gets so hectic and fast-paced as an adult; the children help to remind us to stop and enjoy the simple things in life. My experience stems from raising my 3 children. I have an 8-year-old, 7 year-old, and a 2 month-old. I have also had experience babysitting my younger cousins as well as my niece and nephew. As a teenager, I was usually the one chasing after all my younger cousins, keeping them entertained and out of trouble while the adults visited with one another! Those are some of my best memories! I love watching my kids learn and help them grow by answering their questions or researching the topic with them! I have been with AristoCat Children’s Academy since 2019.


Outside of work I like to sing karaoke, go hiking & camping, draw & paint, and watch movies with my family. One of my hidden talents is I can sing. I can't dance, but I can sing! I love musicals and Disney movies, so I have an array of songs to share with the kiddos!! Maybe they can teach me how to dance?! If I could pass on any wisdom to my students, I would tell them to ALWAYS ALWAYS believe in themselves and their dreams!! Even when faced with seemingly insurmountable obstacles, there is always a way around them if you can take a step back, find a new perspective, and keep trying.
Another bit of wisdom I would share with them is to breathe!! The best thing you can do in the midst of a difficult, frustrating, or demotivational moment is just take a minute and breathe. In. Out. There is absolutely nothing that cannot be overcome or worked out in this life!


"I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be." -Douglas Adams




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