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Parent Testimonials

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Alyssa Jones

My son has attended this beautiful academy for almost five years now. We have watched them grow from infancy as a business and children’s educational facility from the start. They truly understand the value of relationships, community and genuine care!! We tried other places in Park City first and I only wish we hadn’t wasted…

Kayce Goodrich

The staff / owners are amazing they always have the child & their best interest in mind, and work with the utmost integrity. Their facility is clean, secure, and provides a safe learning space for kids. They go above and beyond by providing additional activities for the kids and their family's outside of the typical daycare program / hours such as Holiday events, Date night options for parents and more. You wont be disappointed!

Samantha Sanchez

I know first hand this is an amazing place to take your children. Not only have I worked here but my nephews go there and they love everyone. The teachers are the best they always interact with the children.

Kaitlin Eskelson

My son has gone to Aristocat since the age of 8 months old. As a parent, I was so nervous to have someone else watching my child full-time. Honestly, Aristocat has been nothing short of amazing. From caring staff to extra-curricular programs to well-balanced meals, I know my son is getting the best education possible. His days are filled with arts and crafts, educational programs, and playtime in the gym... and he ultimately comes home exhausted. Each morning he looks at me and says 'bye momma' with a big grin on his face-priceless! I highly recommend this wonderful Center.

Ashley Todd Krogh

We love this place. We have two kids attending, ages 3 and 19mos. They never complain about going and always seem like they had a good day when we pick them up. They are super organized and use an app to let you know how they did throughout the day, like eating, sleeping, diapers, pictures and notifications of closures/events. The meals seem better than most daycare facilities and the staff really does seem to care about your children. They also go outside everyday (weather permitting) and that is not just what they tell you, you will most likely pick your children up outside if it is around 5pm. We will have another infant in daycare there soon and feel comfortable having them care for our children.

Polly Bergseng

So happy this place is close to our Midway home. The staff are great and any questions or concerns are always responded too in a timely manner. My 2yr old son has been attending since he was 5 months old, he has so much fun with his AristoCat friends!

Leslie Anne Smith

We love Aristocats teachers, administration, and all that they do with our twin toddlers every day. They have learned so much since they started in May 2016. They enjoy going to school each day and ask where their teachers are when we are home. Thank you all for everything you do for our boys and our family each day!

Mary Kynaston

We love the schedule and activities that Aristocat provides. The teachers are very attentive and our little guy learned so much.

Tricia Rose Baker

Both my children attended, the best daycare in Utah! we felt like family from day one!! staff is amazing and so sweet with the kids!!

Soquani Wilde

We love this place. My daughter always had a fun day here and made some good friends she really grew a lot and learned things I never expected. She loves the teachers, especially Ms. Ashley.

Paul Boyle

My hat is off to Aristocats! Our child loved her time at this facility. All the staff were fun, caring, interactive, and loving. And with us, Aristocats was professional, reasonable, and provided excellent status updates and communication about our kids' status every day.

Caitlyn Pruneda

I can tell that my daughter is being well taken care of at the AristoCat Children’s Academy. She comes home happy. I love the brightwheel app that they use so I can get updates about my daughter’s day. They also send pictures! We’ve had a great experience and I appreciate all the patience given when working with a toddler. Thank you!

Shelby Whitson

Im a single mum and have had a really hard time finding someone I trust to take care of my sweet baby. Aristocats has loved on her and help her grow and meet her proper milestones.

Julie Harmer

I have a one month old, and I couldn't imagine leaving him anywhere else as I transition back to work. As a first time mom it's a relief to find and have these amazing teachers watch my little boy. They answer all my crazy questions and help tremendously. Best place ever!!

Heather Danklef

The teachers are all so personable, even when they are tired! They are very accommodating when it comes to missed days as far as money goes. And changing my schedule with them has never been a problem! Excellent customer service.

Michele Burman

I have been with them since they opened their doors in Heber. My 3 boys have had experiences from the infant room on up. The curriculum and staff are great! They offer fun summer programs. JaCie and her staff have always been kind and caring with my children. They work with my schedule and listen to my concerns. I would highly recommend them. I think they are the best preschool in town!

Shaura Lenae Wedig

We have 5 child care options threw out the week. My kids by far prefer Aristocats to anything else. Except grandma and grandpa. I love Aristocats because the price is great. The teachers are loving and my kids are learning so much! Rather than being home with a babysitter that would just have them watching tv the whole time.

Aaron Peterson

My 6yr old daughter has been a member of the Aristocrat family for 3 years and absolutely loves it. The staff is extremely caring and personable. The kiddos are kept active and entertained all day long. Highly recommend!!!

Dustyjoe Johnson

My girls both love attending the daily programs as well as the preschool program at the academy! A year ago they were both developmentally behind where they should have been for their ages, within 2 months they were bor where they were supposed to be and on the fast track to learning new things everyday. I love all of the teachers at AristoCat Children's Academy and I am confident that the teachers treat theor students like they are their own children.

Ashley Gerbich

We are new to Utah and finding this school was the best thing I could have done. They have been amazing since the first day Aurora has started. They go above and beyond. Aurora and my family are grateful for the staff. Thank you for taking care of my baby and making us feel safe and like family.

Christine Renee Williams

We absolutely love ACA and can tell a big difference in what our 2.5-year-old is learning. We decided to switch our daycare in January 2019, which was not an easy decision. The transition was easy thanks to the help of everyone at ACA. Since January we can see how much our daughter is learning, every week she surprises us with something new...just the other week she started saying the Pledge of Allegiance, so cool! Thank you for all that you guys do, it’s not just a safe place to leave my daughter while we are at work, it’s an amazing learning environment for her too.

Madison Proper Boyle

Our daughter has loved attending ACA. They have cared for since she was an infant into being a toddler. The teachers are what make this place so special!

Tori Conville

My daughter has attended Aristocat's for over a year and a half and we have been very pleased with the staff, teaches, helpers and overall experience. My now 3-year-old can't wait to "go to school" to learn new things, spend time with friends and partake in various activities that are planned. Anytime a concern or issue has arisen, it has been dealt with professionally and with kindness. I would recommend Aristocat's to other families looking for care for their kids. Thank you Aristocat family!

Riley Bergseng

We love AristoCats. They are great to work with, flexible and understand what being a busy parent is all about. Our son wakes up wanting to go to daycare. And he loves his teachers! Pumped we found such a great place in the Heber valley

Jess Skrypek

We love Aristocats! We remember being so worried to send our 3 month old to daycare full time but they are more than a daycare - they are a family. We have grown to know each teacher and cannot say enough about them. Our little guy has grown into a happy toddler and we owe so much to the wonderful teachers he is with everyday! I love the schedule they have taught him and all the activities they do each day. Not sure what we would do without our village!

Samantha Villanueva

My grandchildren have attended aristocats for three years now. They truly love it and love all of their teachers there. I can't describe the exceptional care they receive each day and I can tell how much they are loved. I can't thank the staff enough for everything they do for my babies each day! I highly recommend aristocats to anyone.

Tracy Doucette Gooley

Aristocat Academy has been not just an amazing child care facility but they also have an excellent pre school program. My 5 year loves his teacher and loves the learning environment. Every staff person is friendly and you can tell they all really love working with each child.

Nicole Cabral

I had my 2 young girls in a school in Park City, but wanted to have something closer to home. I was initially very nervous to change as you never quite know what you are going to get from a school/daycare. The Director made me feel very comfortable and I did make the jump. That was almost 3 years ago and I am so glad I did! It has been a very positive experience for both my girls and I. They love going there and hardly ever cry when it is time for me to leave...that in itself is worth it to me. The teachers and staff are willing to make accommodations for my children and me and I truly believe that they want what is best for my children. It is hard to be away from them during the day, but I am confident that they are learning and are being well cared for here. I would highly recommend the AristoCat Children's Academy.

DeNeil Hogan Petersen

My granddaughter has been going to AristoCat for a few years now. I pick her up frequently, and she always seems to have had a good time and learned something, too, even though it’s just a couple hours after school. The teachers are attentive, conscientious, and exceptionally caring. They take care of the kids as if they were their own.

Michele Ritzinger

My youngest son has been attending ACA since the school first opened, he is 9 know and he loves it! He feels loved there and safe. I work at Aristocats too and have been there for almost 2 years now. I love the environment and all the teachers are an amazing group of ladies. I love teaching and each child has become a part of my life and I enjoy watching them grow and learn new things everyday:) we take pride in creating a fun safe learning environment for all the kids! I love what I do;).

Amy Long

The ladies at this daycare are awesome. I wouldn't take my kids anywhere but here

Lindsey Allred Baum

Amazing staff! Good people that care and it shows. Very helpful and very nice.

April Cottis

We were so fortunate to have such a safe, structured and caring environment in our community. Their teaching staff was amazing, and always went above & beyond. Aristocats has been like a second family to our son. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for daycare/preschool. If we could give a 10-star rating, we would!

Tracy Gooley

AristoCat Academy has been a fantastic childcare provider. The teachers are all friendly and have treated my child like their own. They care about not only providing quality daycare services, but they also take great pride in their academic curriculum instruction, to ensure each child gains the foundational skills necessary to be ready for formal school. The summer camp they offer is fun but educational for kids. It's one of services my child looks forward to every year!

Josh Kelley

All 3 of my children have had the privilege of getting a leg up in their development from Aristocats!! This place is a gem!!


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