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Infant Program

About Infant Care

Recent research shows us that the early childhood years are the most important years in our lives. A well-rounded, safe, nurturing experience during that time forms the basis for how we learn and dapt the rest of our life. Time spent at an Academy plays an important part in that development.

Infant Program

Our Infant Program Features

  • Nurturing, personal care that builds your infant’s self-esteem
  • Small class size to promote one-on-one attention
  • Regular teacher-child interactions that spark curiosity and socialization
  • Playtime and experiences that boost cognitive and motor skills
  • Age-appropriate materials and equipment that support learning and development
  • Regular teacher-family communications; including monthly newsletters, weekly learning highlights, and daily updates
  • A safe learning environment where your infant has the freedom to move and explore
  • Safe sleep guidelines and practices
  • Sign language and speech development

At Aristocat Children’s Academy we believe children need to feel safe and secure before they can begin to learn. This is why safety and security are among our top priorities for your child.

Our Infant Program offers a wonderful, nurturing environment for your baby, and care is individualized to meet every need. All infants are fed, changed, and napped depending on their individual routine, while teachers track and keep daily reports for parent communication. Each teacher cares for a small group of children to provide a safe, secure, loving environment.

At AristoCat Children’s Academy, we know that highly responsive care early in life is critical to your child’s long-term social and academic development. In our safe learning environment your baby will not only be loved and cared for -  their cognitive, emotional, and physical development will also be stimulated by our highly trained teachers.

Throughout the day, our infants are introduced to a variety of experiences. We offer sensory engaging activities, literature, music, dramatic play, art and outside playtime as part of our daily program. Our teachers plan weekly experiences based on a monthly theme, children’s interest, and developmental assessments conducted in the classroom.

Sign language is an important part of our infant curriculum. We teach our infants babies sign language because we feel it is important to communicate with them. Sign language also reduces the amount of frustration a child might feel during this period of time while their language skills are emerging. We teach different signs throughout the day while we are using the corresponding words. Teachers share these signs with parents so they can be a part of this learning process with their child.

We love this place!

We have two kids attending, ages 3 and 19mos. They never complain about going and always seem like they had a good day when we pick them up.

They are super organized and use an app to let you know how they did throughout the day, like eating, sleeping, diapers, pictures and notifications of closures/events. The meals seem better than most daycare facilities and the staff really does seem to care about your children. They also go outside everyday (weather permitting) and that is not just what they tell you, you will most likely pick your children up outside if it is around 5pm.

We will have another infant in daycare there soon and feel comfortable having them care for our children.


-Ashley Krogh

Questions & Answers

What is the earliest that my child can be enrolled at AristoCat Children’s Academy?

According to Utah Childcare State Regulations, Infants can start at a childcare facility at four weeks old.

What do I need to bring for my infant?

We suggest families bring at least the following items:

3 bottles



Diaper Cream

For Infants under 6 months or not rolling over-A swaddle with fasteners (Velcro,
zip etc)

For Infants over 6 months or rolling over- A sleep Sack with fasteners that the
child’s arms are free

3 sets of Extra Clothes

Pacifier for Infants 

All items need to be labeled with full first and last name.

What is included in the tuition for my infant?

Included in your infants tuition is:

Formula (milk if over 1 year of age)

Baby Food (We puree our own baby food)

Age-appropriate Table Food (Our Chef prepares food for children eating finger foods) 

What are the hours for AristoCat Children’s Academy?

We are open Monday-Friday 7:30 am - 5:30 pm

What days is AristoCat Children’s Academy Closed?

Please visit our Resources Page, you can download our current Parent Information Sheet which has all the closed date for the current year. We do not follow the School District Calendar. 

What is the Tuition Cost?

We understand that cost is one of the biggest factors in choosing just the right academy for your most important person in the world. There are two quick and easy ways to get AristoCat Children’s Academy tuition rates that match your families needs: 

1. Call us at 435-654-7439 to talk to our friendly family support team. We are available Monday -Friday 7am-6pm MST 

2. Send us your information through our Contact Page! Our center staff will be more than happy to help! 

Tuition rates very based on location, the age of your child, and how many days of care your looking for- For both our Summit and Wasatch County Locations, you can feel confident in getting the best care at AristoCat Children’s Academy.  

We hope to meet you and you family soon! 

What should I do if my child is sick?

If your child is sent home sick, they must stay home until they are SYMPTOM free for 24 hours. Please see our Parent Handbook for more information on our Resources Page.  

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We hope to show your family how AristoCat Children's Academy can not only help your child to grow, learn and succeed but ensure that your entire family is valued as an extension of our own. Please fee free to contact us with any questions or to schedule a visit!